Terms and conditions

The terms of use of the above site are written in male form but directed to both male and female.

A. opening

1. Site "EZching.com" (the " Site ") is operated by EZching (the " Company ") is used as a site that offers benefits CASHBACK In the form of a refund.

2. Users of the site can get CASHBACK for shopping on leading sites worldwide such as Banggood, DHgate ,Shein , Aliexpress and many others.

Each site offers a different percentage of cashback for each order, the percentages appear next to the name of the store and on the page of the store on the site. The company reserves the right to update the terms of the cashback displayed on the site from time to time without special notice or mention.

4. Our service is free of charge and at no point in the registration process for the site will you be required to provide payment details, the cashback you can withdraw directly to the PayPal account or payoneer account after approval of the transaction by the store and accumulated minimum withdrawal of 50 US dollars.
In withdrawal payoneer / PayPal may charge fees.
The withdrawal is in US dollars.

5. In addition to the use of this site for all its contents and services offered on it, downloads of files, media such as images and videos and the various contents offered to the visitors may change from time to time or depending on the type of content.

6. The company reserves the right to update the terms of use presented in these regulations and terms of use from time to time and without notice or special mention in the various website channels.

7. For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that in no way does the site save and / or receive and / or return any "deposit" for its customers, even those who are entitled to a cashback. The buyer who buys at any of the shopping sites listed on this site (the stores) does not receive any part of his money back, and does not deposit any part of his money to get it back, since the site or stores do not accept and / or retain and / or return deposits of any kind. The stores do not pay any payment or deposit any payment for the customer. "Eligibility for cashback", "refund" and "accumulation in the account" and all activity of this site is only the site's obligation to the customer to pay him from the site's money, out of pocket, at his own expense and personal obligation, a payment equal to a certain percentage of the customer's purchase terms. And for all conditions on the site (and provided that the site will be financially worthwhile as stated - that is: after the site itself receives payment from the store, along with the other conditions of use as stated) this is the meaning of this term: "

B. Intellectual Property

1. The site as well as all information therein including the site design, site code, media files including graphics, videos, images, texts, files offered for download and any other material displayed on the site belong in full to the above site and constitute exclusive intellectual property of the company and may not be made Use without prior written permission.

2. In addition, you may not distribute, copy, reproduce, publish, imitate or process pieces of code, graphics, videos, trademarks or any other media and content without your prior written permission.

3. We strive to provide you with the information displayed on the site without interruptions but may due to technical considerations, third party faults or others, interruptions in the availability of the site. Therefore, we can not guarantee that the site will be available to you at any time and no monetary or other compensation will be given due to the termination of the service.

4. External links to the site do not constitute a guarantee because these are safe, high-quality or reliable sites and visits to them are made at your sole discretion and are the sole responsibility of the user of the site.

5. The content offered on the site is the sole property of the company and may not be used which is contrary to what is stated in these regulations (see section 2) except in cases where otherwise stated or in cases where it is stated that the copyright belongs to an external body. In these cases, check the terms of use of the attached link and follow the instructions on the external website to which the content belongs.

C. Manage users and visitors to the site

1. The management of the site reserves the right to block any user and whether by blocking the IP address of his computer, the MACID address of his computer or even depending on the country of origin without having to provide an excuse which is acceptable to the surfer.

2. The site staff / site management will do everything in its power to protect the details of the users registered on the site / subscribers registered on the site. In cases where it is possible for a third party to gain access to information, it is hereby agreed that surfers, users and members of the site will not have any claim, argument or demand towards the site staff.

D. Full Disclosure 

1. This website may use cookies (especially for registered and subscribed users) and internal statistics interfaces in order to maintain anonymous statistical documentation of surfers and analysis of surfer / s traffic, browsing habits on the site and analysis of clicks and length of stay.

2. At all times and other than surfers connected to the information site stored is completely anonymous and does not contain the surfer's name or any other identifying information.

E. User accounts

1. Each person is authorized to register on the site and have only one account.

2. The Company reserves the right to make changes to the Cashback Policy and Policy.

3. By registering on the site (through any account) and whenever you are registered on the site, you agree to full acceptance of advertisements related to the site's activities of any kind and in any quorum as the site management sees fit, even if these are sent to you several times in one day. At any time, you can remove yourself from the site's mailing list using the dedicated button at the bottom of each email or in the personal account settings, but as long as you have not done so you agree to full acceptance of any such advertisement.

4. The company reserves the right to refuse requests to join the site.

5. In case of fraud, or any improper and unfair use of the site, the company reserves the right to block and delete user accounts on the site.

6. The company reserves the right to delete a user account if the email address provided at the time of registration is identified as incorrect or of an advertising nature.

7. In order to protect the sites appearing on the site, in the event of a purchase that appears to be improper or requires further clarification, the company reserves the right to provide the store with the user information on the site in order to verify the validity of a transaction.

8. The names of the users of the site are required to be of a non-offensive nature.

9. Each regular account get one time 20 US dollars bonus In the registration.

10. Each account that created via affiliate link/affiliate code get one time 25 US dollars bonus In the registration.  

F. Cashback and realization:

1. Some of the stores listed on the site do not entitle users to cashback on all products.

2. In order to be eligible for a cashback, the user must complete the purchase immediately after moving to the store.

3. If the user moved to the store through a link that appears on the website and before making a purchase on the website visited another website, the user will not be entitled to a cashback.

4. If the user cancels the browser's option to save cookies ("cookies") the user will not be entitled to a cashback, the "cookies" are used by the site to differentiate between different users of the site during each purchase in the store.

5. Sometimes the purchases through the website do not yield a cashback due to the use of coupons that are not in the program or for any other reason determined by the stores that appear on the website and on the store page.

6. The company will not be obligated to pay users cashback for transactions that do not entitle the site to a commission for any reason arising from the advertiser's policy, and the user will not have any claim against the site.

7. In the event that the user has not performed part of the process listed in the guide, in the store itself or in the information contained on the site, the user will not have any claim against the site.

8. If the user returns the product to the store after winning the cashback, the company reserves the right to cancel the cashback which is in any status directly from the user account on the site.

9. Conversions from foreign currency - In the event that a conversion is made from foreign currency to US dollar, the company will convert with the updated currency for the purchase of "Bank Leumi Israel".

10. The cashback will only be paid for transactions that comply with the store's regulations and if for any reason the advertiser has decided that the site is not entitled to a commission for the order, the site will not bear any responsibility.

11. After making the purchase in the store and completing it in practice, and subject to receiving a commission, the user will be able to see that in his user account, eligibility for cashback has been accrued.

Receipt of the cashback will be subject to the following conditions:

 - The advertisers actually transferred the fees to the website.

 - The user has accumulated in his account a minimum amount of withdrawal of 50 US dollars that is in the "approved" status.

exempt dealer / licensed dealer has sent to support@ezching.com an invoice

12. All that is stated in this chapter is solely subject to what is stated in section 7 in the "opening" chapter of these terms and conditions of Use, and nothing stated in this chapter will be interpreted or understood otherwise. The site and / or stores do not accept, retain or refund deposits of any kind.

13. A user who has not made a purchase through the site for over a year, from the date of registration for the service or from the date of the last purchase through the service (The later of them), will be considered an "inactive user", his account balance will be reset.

G. Web browsing activity

1. The company analyzes your browsing history to identify and resolve issues that may lead to the loss of the cashback.

H. Affiliate program

1. Before withdrawing commissions from an affiliate program, an invoice confirmation must be sent.

2. The commissions will be available for withdrawal when the total amount of approved commissions reaches at least 50 US dollars .

3. Affiliate fees may vary depending on the holidays and promotions days that the site holds which can reduce or increase the fees accordingly.

4. The Company may change the terms of the program at any time.

5. Everything stated in this chapter is solely subject to what is stated in section 7 of the "Opening" chapter of these Terms of Use, and nothing stated in this chapter shall be construed or understood accordingly. The site and / or stores do not accept, retain or refund deposits of any kind.

I. Spam ban

1. The use of spam is strictly prohibited. The Company may immediately terminate any user account at its sole discretion, which in its opinion sends or is in any way connected to any spam, commercial e-mail, or any other type of communication not approved by the recipient.

J. Site Privacy Policy

1. The company respects the privacy of users and sees the protection of this privacy as an important and valuable goal.

2. When registering on the site, you are required to provide personal information and identifying information about you. This information, as well as additional information that is not personal and identifiable that will accumulate about the users by virtue of the use of the site, will be stored in the database of the site. If you do not want certain information to be kept about you, you are asked not to provide personal information or alternatively not to use the site's services.

You are also entitled to contact the site at any time and request that your details be deleted from the database.

3. The Company will not transfer this information to third parties, without the consent of the submitter, except in accordance with the provisions of these regulations and / or in accordance with the provisions of the law and / or in response to any court order.

By submitting your details to the site, you hereby agree that the company and / or anyone on behalf of the site or with its permission, will be entitled to contact you, either by email or other direct mail, and offer you advertising material about products and / or services and / or Promotions and / or activities of the site or its business partners and any other information on which the site believes th user will find interest.

5. In addition, the Company reserves the right to use the information collected for the purpose of monitoring, control, updating, improving, drawing conclusions and for statistical purposes.

In some circumstances, the site may use "cookies", which are small files sent to your computer. These measures are required for its day-to-day and proper operation, including to collect statistics about the use of the site, to verify details, to adapt the site to your personal preferences and for information security purposes.

Please note that if you do not wish to receive "cookies" or if you do not want the site to collect information about you, you can change the setting of the web browser you use or alternatively stop using the site.

To collect some of the above data, the site uses Google services. For more information about this service see here: https://policies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites

6. The company takes various measures to maintain the confidentiality of the information stored on it and the privacy of the users. However, the company can not guarantee hermetic and complete protection and that the information will not be disclosed by malicious or intentional action against the site. If you do not want information about you and / or your use of the site to be stored, you are asked not to use the site.

K. Jurisdiction

1. When you use the website and in the event that any dispute is discovered, you agree below that the above is under the exclusive jurisdiction of Israeli law using only the Israeli court system in the Tel Aviv district.

L. Browser Extension Policy 
Web Browsing Activity
EZching.com analyzes your web browsing activity to resolve any issues that may cause cashback loss .

M.Cookies Policy
Cookies are small data file identifiers that are transferred to your computer or mobile web browser that allow us, and third parties with whom we partner, to recognize your browser or mobile device and transfer information about you and your use of our Services.
We use the browser cookies to collect and store certain information when you use, access or interact with the Services.

N. contact

For any question or inquiry, you can contact the company's service representatives by email: support@EZching.com

Last update: 11 October 2021.

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